Compendium Vascular Anomalies

The “Compendium Vascular Anomalies” is a freely accessible, scientifically based online information portal on diagnosis and therapy of vascular anomalies.

It is our goal to offer you a comprehensive overview of the various manifestations and characteristics of this rare disease group.

The Compendium currently contains 20 chapters with almost 300 scientific articles, as well as an extensive and increasing collection of clinical patient examples. The content of this website is primarily aimed at professionals, but also at patients and other interested people.

Structured, evidence-based and interlinked scientific articles explain the basics, classifications, diagnoses, symptoms, as well as imaging procedures and options for conservative and interventional treatment.
The patient examples presented here are organized according to a uniform structure, contain interactive elements and present today’s practical medical procedures in individual patient cases.

All articles and patient examples have been reviewed by selected experts in a multi-stage process and are continuously updated and supplemented.

This collection of current expert knowledge and clinical case studies is a unique instrument for education and knowledge transfer.

Thanks to our board of expert authors, the Compendium strives for interdisciplinary completeness at the cutting edge of scientific research.

After establishing the German version we are now trying our best to reach out further. Now in English, with other languages to follow. We trust you will forgive linguistic and other errors in the initial releases and please inform us of any mistakes.


The project “Compendium Vascular Anomalies” is purely donor-financed and non-commercial. It is financed neither by advertising revenues nor by commercial advertisements.


Much of the work on this Compendium is done pro bono. Further improvements, such as the translation into foreign languages, is financed solely by donations.

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The Compendium Vascular Anomalies is licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

The content is available for free use, provided that it is quoted correctly and reference is made to the author(s), and that it is not used for commercial purposes.



July 01, 2021