Copyright of images, picture credits

The copyright of the images in the Compendium Vascular Anomalies is protected by personal rights.

Our deepest thanks to all patients who agreed to the publication of their photographs in the Compendium Vascular Anomalies and are thereby contributing to the extensive variety and clarity of this project.

Each image in the Compendium Vascular Anomalies is assigned the authorship of an author (© “Author”) and anonymized as far as possible. Each photograph is published only with the written permission and consent of the patient to publish it. This written consent form is retained exclusively by the respective author. Only that author is able to make any connection between the image and the name of the person shown.

Should you wish to withdraw your consent to publication, please contact the respective author directly, who will then arrange for deletion of the relevant images as soon as possible.

For reasons of medical confidentiality, private patient data are protected and must not be accessible to GISVA or any other processing agencies. We therefore cannot and will not process your consent withdrawal directly, but we will be happy to support you in contacting/establishing contact with the respective author.



July 01, 2021