Patients and relatives

This chapter deals with an important aspect in the assessment and treatment of vascular anomalies, namely the experience of the patients and relatives themselves. Here, those affected and their relatives have their say.

What does it mean to have a congenital vascular malformation?

The individual experience of a patient or family members is often clearly different from the experience of the physician. Therefore, in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the relevant facets, it is essential to include both aspects.

Medical professionals may find the experiences presented here a worthwhile addition to their viewpoint, and patients and families may find them helpful in recalling their own experiences. Added to this, there is a  short compilation of problem areas.

The following results of a survey among affected people show: there are subjective individual experiences and there are experiences that many patients and relatives have in common.

It is obvious that physical, psychological and social well-being is not only influenced by the individual, but also by social backgrounds.