Complicated course of a lymphatic malformation with lymphorrhea

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Lymphatic malformation with lymphorrhea
MRI: lymphatic malformation is highly hyperintense with
MRI: lymphatic malformation as hypointense in hyperintense subcutaneous adipose tissue
MRI: purely epifascial extension of the lymphatic malformation
MRI: connective tissue parts of the lymphatic malformation
MRI: after contrast administration
Computed tomography: fluid deposition and connective tissue
3D reconstruction of the computed tomography angiogram
Sonography: dysplastic dilated lymphatic duct
Sonography – echogenic tissue, interspersed with individual very fine, dilated, fluid-filled lymphatic ducts
Blood-tinged lymphorrhea
Lymphography: dysplastic, dilated lymphatic channels
Lymphography: dysplastic dilation
Sclerotherapy and laser treatment
Sclerotherapy and laser treatment result
Lymphatic malformation after combination therapy